English Books for School Year 2018 - FECHADO

JAMER Books has been selected to supply the English Books for the SOCIESC Schools for the School year 2018

Once logged in, you will then be able to select for your childs Grade

Every effort has been made by SOCIESC and by JAMER Books to ensure availability of the titles selected, however unforseen circumstances may arise that can cause delays.

All orders will be delivered to your School and labelled with your childs name and grade level based on the information registerd when the purchase is made. Please therefore ensure that the School information (Joinville /Blumenau) and your childs grade is correct.

ORDERS RECEIVED BY 15th December 2017 ( delivery to school by 18th January )

ORDERS RECEIVED BY 15th January 2018 ( delivery to school by 15th February )

ORDERS RECEIVED BY 16th February ( delivery to school by 15th March )

Orders take approx 35 days, depending on stock and minimum order quantities from our suppliers

All orders will be delivered to your registered School address.

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