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The CALLAN METHOD is a tried-and-tested direct method, used by millions of people across the world. First developed in the 1960s by Mr Robin Callan, it is an exceptionally quick way to successfully master English as a foreign language. The Method is designed specifically to improve your students' listening and speaking abilities in a lively and active environment. They start speaking English straight away with the Callan Method!

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B2 and B1 Grammar Practice

Copies of these new titles are now in stock.

Callan for Kids

When you buy Callan for Kids for the first time, you must buy a least one Teacher's Book, one demonstration chart and one poster pack (as well as student books). Poster packs are not optional as they were for Callan adult.

Callan Español

When you buy Callan Español for the first time, you must buy a least one Teacher's Book and one demonstration chart (as well as student books).

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